Thursday, November 12, 2009

A garden on a plate

This is one from my childhood! Making a garden on a plate. With a little imagination Henry created a little garden on a tray.

I placed some soil in the bottom, about half an inch deep, so that anything i poked into it would stand up. If you compact the soil this may work even better.

I made Henry a little silver foil pond for him to put where he wanted.

We wandered around the garden and looked for things to use. We chose Rosemary for spiky trees, i had some bits of bush with red berri
es on that became apple trees, and small path pebbles for stepping stones and wall. We broke some twigs up to create a fence, and even bent a piece of flt twig into a bench! Henry decided some moss he found on logs in our log pile would be great as grass.

This wasn't something that Henry could do on his own yet, but with my help we hung out in the garden for half an hours exploring and fresh air.

His finish project - a cute garden with pond, stone walls and fences (like our garden) a bench by the pond, apple trees in an orchard surrounded by mossy grass so that the apples wouldn't get damaged when the fell off the trees! GREAT IMAGINATION. A final fun thing, i let him fill the pond up with water, which tested his accuracy and concentration considerably!

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  1. I like this! thumbs up:-)