Sunday, June 7, 2009

Create a "Twombly" - Art project

After over two years in Chicago, my husband & I finally made it to the Chicago Art Institute last week. After browsing musch of the museum, we came across a tempory exhibit by Cy Twombly. My first comment to my husband was "I have to try this with Henry...he will manage one of these easily"!

Twombly's work is bright, bold, and appears to follow a simple technique; splodging paint on paper and letting it run to the bottom!

So today, Henry and I tried to replicate this famous artist's work.

We used water colour paper as a solid base to work on. Then Henry colour washed the paper to form a colourful base on which to work.

I then provided 4 different coloured paints for him to splodge with. Using a piece of balled up kitchen roll, Henry added paint to the paper a couple of times, before returning to get more paint.

To replicate Twombly as best we could to start with, I suggested Henry use just one splodging colour.

For our last piece however, I just let him loose on all the paints, but suggested he add each colour to the paper maybe only 4-5 times before moving to the next colour.

We worked on this for about half an hour, and I think we made a pretty good attempt at creating a Twombly!

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