Monday, June 22, 2009

The simple pleasures of being a child

Puddle jumping and sand pits

With so much emphasis put on our children's learning and development i think it is sometimes just great to see them enjoy those things that we as adults just don't quite get!

Our weather this week has been interesting to say the least.

With much excitement when we got home the other day after torrential rain, Henry was desperate to put on his rain boots and go jump in the puddles! Sometimes you just have to ignore the washing and mess it will cause and just take a look at the face of the child you have just made soooo happy!
Henry jumped, ran, splashed and explored the puddle for at least 20 minutes! On entry back into the house the boots emptied out at least an inch of water each and he was soaked. But he was one HAPPY Henry!

Following the rain we have had amazing weather for the last few days. Humidity like a jungle, but at least it feels like summer might be here. With that, Henry is now once again attached to his sandpit. With a new load of sand added into the tray he was occupied for hours yesterday. Digging and sand moving with his trucks and diggers!

When asked, he was building new roads and bridges. Creating foundations and earth moving...what an imagination!

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