Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creating with shapes

With one of Henry's friends coming over to play, I decided to create a little project to keep them both occupied for 10 minutes!

You will need some light weight card or paper of any colour. I had black already, so used this. Next, cut the card into shapes of any type. I tried to cut at least two of everything, so if Henry wanted to he could create a symmetrical piece of art.

You can make the shapes as large or as small as you want. I stuck with squares, rectangles and triangles, but circles and stars would be great too. I supplied a couple of googly eyes as well just for an interesting twist!
Provide your child with the shapes, any little extras such as the googly eyes or stickers, a blank piece of paper and a glue stick and suggest they create.......anything!

Henry started out by creating two trees in pots (symmetrical), using squares for the pots, long rectangles for the trunks and triangles for the tree tops. Then found the googly eyes and got creating a monster! It was great, because as he added shapes he told me what he was doing, its interesting to be in on the thought processes
some times!

We labelled the creation and attached it to the fridge........something so simple, kept two 5 year old boys occupied for about 20 minutes!

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