Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The most wonderful egg in the world - Book

During our day of hen themed activities we read "The most wonderful egg in the world" written and illustrated by Helme Heine.

This is a story of three hens who want to become princesses. The king suggests that whoever lays the most wonderful egg will be crowned princess. The first lays a perfect egg, the second a huge egg
and the third....a colourful cube shaped egg! The king can not decide,
because they are all wonderful in their own way....and all the hens become princesses!

We have read this book so many time, so Henry knows the story off by heart. However we read it again, and then I suggested that Henry, Kevin and I all went to a different table and drew what we considered to be the most wonderful egg in the world.

Kevin got out the scissors and created an egg mobile! I created a colourful Easter egg. Henry got to work with his favourite colour - red and drew a rectangle red egg! Then labelled it.

We discussed how he would describe his egg - rectangle, red, sharp edges. He then described my egg in various ways.....even I was at a loss how to describe daddy's egg!

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  1. This book sounds like great fun. I'll have to track it down for the kids. Thanks for the review!