Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smarties maths

Ever looking for hands on ways to make maths fun, Henry has just found that working with chocolate smarties is GREAT! We did a few things within this little project.

1. We estimated by looking in the bowl of smarties, which colour would have the most smarties, and drew the colours along the bottom of the chart in the order we though before we started graphing.
2. Henry picked out each colour and sorted the right
smarties out of the bowl, then lined them up on the graph to create a smarties bar graph.

3. Henry then counted the number of smarties of each colour and recorded this on another piece of paper.

4. The favourite bit I think for Henry was then eating all the smarties!

5. Lastly I got Henry to draw the smarties on the graph according to the numbers he recorded.

We were at this for about 50 minutes! Never once did Henry wander off!...I think it was the promise of the smarties!

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