Thursday, July 2, 2009

Car painting and washing

This is an idea that we first tried out last summer. Since then we have replicated the activity a number of times. Great for a warm day outside.

Last summer we attended a street art show, where the most occupied booth of the whole show was a real full sized car, being painted by kids. After putting on an apron, the kids were given paint and told to go make a masterpiece, it was amazing.

Henry went straight for the headlights with the yellow paint, then decorated it all over with purple sports here and there. It gave him an idea........He was going to paint mummy's car when we got home......It gave me an let him loose with his washable paints on his outdoor ride in car (his Cosy Coupe).

Dressed in messy clothes Henry was very enthusiastic about the idea. The car was painted in a multitude of colours, and this activity kept him occupied the first time for hours! The second time not quite as long, but the novelty was still there.
After all that hard work painting the car, Henry got to work with water, a sponge and washing up liquid to clean the car, so he could start all over again.

This fun activity allowed him to create art on a large scale with absolutely no expectation or suggestion from me as to how he should do it. A great way to develop creativity i think.

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