Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The great move has begun

On Monday this week (the 6th July) the movers arrived to start packing up all our worldly possessions. In the space of a day, everything was wrapped ready for loading the following day. We were left our beds for the night. Amazingly Henry coped really well. Made rather a lot of chat with all the guys doing the packing, and made sure all his toys were loaded safely into the boxes.

Yesterday everything was packed into the 40ft container that arrived early in the day. On the way into the USA we brought only a 20ft, but with new beds and other furniture we are taking home way more!

Henry had a pretty special day, what with getting rides on the mover's trolley, and getting to ride his trike flat out down the ramp from the container to the drive (before taking a nose dive over the handlebars)...he just would not be told it was not a good idea!

However, the highlight of his day came when everything was loaded. Garry the foreman helped Henry into the huge cab and let him start the engine. He then showed him where the air horn was and Henry blew it so many times i think we let the whole neighbourhood know we were going. His face was a picture.
I have loads of pictures to add to this blog article, but have no way of getting at them right now, so i will update this post when i have the pictures.

We all waved goodbye to the container before making our way to temporary accommodation in the apartments where we started when we arrived in the USA.

Our container is going to take approximately 4 weeks to reach our house in the UK.

If you would like to track it, check out sea and put in the container number as GATU4295280 with the shipping line as MSC. We expect the container to leave New York next week by ship. This is the ship we expect our precious cargo to be sailing on.

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