Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A holiday in Oregon

Henry and i took a 4 day trip over to Portland in Oregon, USA to see our good friends Celina, Cory, Julian and new baby Will.

Despite not having seen each other in over a year, Henry & Julian got on great for the whole stay.

We did a lot of fun activities.

A drive over to Hood River was great. A lovely pub lunch then a trip to a lavender farm, which was just beautiful. Watching the kids run up and down the lavender plants was lovely.

Next stop was a cherry farm, where we all got to work picking the most amazing tasting cherries i have ever had. At $1 per pound, great value as well. On the was home we stopped for a look at Multnomah falls.

On another day we took the boys to the Chinese gardens in Portland. Trying to hush two very wild boys in a place of tranquility was a bit of a job though, so this was quite a quick visit! A trip to Voodo Doughnuts followed which was just yummy!

Our last day was spend over on the coast at a town called "Seaside". Despite being a little chilly we spent a couple of hours on the beach with the boys.

We had thought the weather was too chilly for swim gear, so left that at home; good thing we brought change of clothes though, as both the boys found the water warm enough to sit in fully dressed! Lots of fun in the waves, sand excavating and ice cream made this day a great hit with all of us.

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