Thursday, July 2, 2009

A little exercise can be a fun thing!

Henry loves my exercise mat, and you can guarantee that if i want to try and catch a few minutes to try some exercises on the floor mat, Henry is there jumping on me!

So yesterday he came to me with the balls and band that i use in an exercise class that i do each week called Restore The Core run by Stroller Fit and said "can i do my exercises", so i thought why not, we could have some fun together and both get a work out!

We started with a warm of up of stretching up to the sky, down to the flowers, out like a big balloon, and then started on what Henry called "the exercises".

We did some fun moves with the exercise balls and band, that when executed correctly can improve core strength. With Henry i just wanted him to have fun, so i wasn't to worried about how he looked.

After finished our exercises (which lasted about 10 minutes) we finished with warm down stretching. Henry was particularly good at the "cat and the cow" stretches where you arch your back and then drop your belly alternately holding each for 5-10 seconds. Even more funny was when we both added the animal sounds to the moves.

If i can keep exercise this fun for him, I'm on a winner!

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