Friday, July 31, 2009

Niagara Falls - A road trip

How can you live in the USA and not visit Niagara falls? Well, we nearly managed to miss it, but with 6 days till leaving the USA to move back to the UK we managed a road trip from Chicago to the Falls.

Taking my VW Taureg on a road trip was no hardship.....however, the 12hr journey across was a little longer than expected. However, we all remained in high spirits, Kevin & i shared the driving and Henry caught up on his sleep, and a large number of DVDs.We left Chicago on a Thursday morning, and arrived in Niagara on the Lake early evening. Our first night was at a great B&B called Hoppy's B&B. Although self publicised as more of an adults retreat, our hosts were really welcoming, coped with Henry's exuberance brilliantly and provided him with a great roll out bed in our room. I can highly recommend it for families...just check with them first at booking. A swim in the B&B pool and dinner at a great pizza bistro saw us fall into bed exhausted!

On Friday I'd like to say the day dawned bright....however it didn't. All day it rained. However we knew we would be getting more than a little damp so were not put off!

First stop, a walk along the river from above where the Canadian falls make their drop all the way to opposite the Ame
rican falls. T
otally stunning, but very wet with all the rising mist.

The Maid of the Mist was the next activity. Having seen the boats from above, we were fairly excited about this one.

You know all those times you tell the kids never to play with plastic bags....this was the first activity of three that required us all to climb inside a bag (otherwise known as a poncho) and have it well over our heads! To say we got a little wet is an understatement, however it was fantastic. Up under the falls it was like being in a very cold shower, you couldn't even open your eyes. Henry coped great though and was very brave.

We took a walk behind the falls as well on the first day, which was good....and wet!

A trip back to Niagara on the Lake for dinner (to escape the awful touristy location that Niagara is) was perfect with a horse and carriage drive around the beautiful town.

Back at Niagara (where we stayed the second night), we enjoyed the fireworks display & illumination of the falls.

Our last day saw a trip to the local souvenir shop for photo opportunities, then a few hours at Fort George, near Niagara on the Lake which Henry thought was fun to explore.

We broke the trip home up by stopping at Port Stanley on Lake Eerie for the night. Arriving home the following evening after another day of driving.

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