Thursday, July 2, 2009

A good excuse for a party!!!

The fun
This week, Henry and I had a great send off from a large number of my mom friends. With overcast weather, we had a great afternoon play date in the back garden. 21 children raging in age from 1 - 7 played great together (well most of it) for over two hours. I got a chance to catch up with all my mom friends who have been of great support to me in the last two years, and Henry got to play with so many people!

The swing was a big hit, the ball pool was completely emptied and the sand pit spread across the patio mixed in with cake....but it was great!

A note about our move
After two and a half years living near Chicago in the USA, we are finally moving back to the UK. Before moving to the USA Henry was barely two years old, i worked part time and i had never even heard of home schooling.

I have however, always known that i wanted Henry to enjoy life, and Kevin & i are both keen for Henry to have every opportunity possible to experience everything that life has to offer.

In the couple of years i have adjusted to being at home with an increasingly active toddler, who has a mind of his own, can be as stubborn as they come......that said, the love he offers and joy i get from watching him experience all that we do together far outweighs his moody moments!

When we return to the UK, Henry will start school full time in September, and i am sure i will be lost without him. I fully intend to keep up with lots of family activities at the weekends though, so that we can all continue to learn together.

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