Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A trip to the beach

I love a trip to the beach, Henry loves the beach, so it doesn't take much persuading for us to make a visit.

Back in the UK now, beaches are rural, unspoiled, hardly populated and COLD! Still, an opportunity to dig in a giant sand pit, jump a few waves and dig a sand castle is still a lot of fun and a great way to get fresh air, time with the family and learn a few things along the way.

Toady our trip to the beach started with fish and chips...a real English tradition. Just on cue, as we sat and ate our lunch, a fishing boat was winched up the beach. Henry was intrigued by the process and wanted to see what they had caught. Unfortunately it took so long to winch the boat up the beach he lost interest before we had chance to find out about its catch. I plan to do a follow up exercise on this one.....something to do with fish and chips.....keep your eye on future posts.

A spot of sandcastle building, stone throwing and exploring the beach for stones to decorate the castle followed.

Despite the water being pretty chilly, Henry wanted to jump some waves, which he did for about 30 minutes! Lots of exercise was followed by a quick change into dry clothes.

To round up the beach visit we all had 99 flake ice creams...another real English seaside tradition....Another follow up project possibly.

Henry managed to smuggle half the beach back in the hood of his sweater, which we stowed in a bucket for the trip home. At home he had a great time filling up small containers with the small pebbles. At bath time, we selected some of the larger pebbles to go in the bath, which he tried balancing on the ducklings in the bath.

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