Thursday, July 30, 2009

Henry goes camping!

So the first night under canvas should ideally be somewhere warm and dry......well tonight we have the dry, so that is what Henry and Kevin are doing. They are camping out in my parents back garden in Suffolk!

It was with much excitement that my small 2 man tent was retrieved from the cupboard, last used 15 years ago, it is in good shape still. Henry helped with putting it up. He loved wielding the long poles around every ones heads, and then hitting my hand as he tried to bang in the pegs. The enthusiasm was impressive though.

After playing in the tent during the day, the idea of a night stop over was put to him. It was met with such excitement we decided it was a "must do" while staying with my parents.

The weather has not been that great, but with a dry night forecast, all hands were on deck to pump up the camp bed and lay out the sleeping bags.

Stories were read by torch light, and Custard tucked up in her own little bed (the little pocket in the wall of the tent lining).

To the sound of the church bells, Henry fell asleep......or did he?

Next day update - Henry was asleep very quickly, daddy took a little longer though! Henry thought the whole experience was a lot of fun and wants to do it again......daddy has suggested mummy spend the night on a hard blow up bed in a tiny tent with Henry who apparently likes to spread out across all but 4" of the bed!!!!

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