Saturday, April 18, 2009

Build a log cabin from twigs

A number of Henry's friends have a toy that allows you to build log cabins from perfectly moulded imitation logs, small scale of course. I've not got around to purchasing that toy yet, so whilst out dog walking in the local woods and throwing sticks, i came up with this idea for us when we got home at absolutely no cost.

You will need.

At least 20 small twigs. As long, short, thin or fat as you want, just try & get them relatively similar so that the building process is not too frustrating! We had twigs about the thickness of your smallest finger and about 6" long, they worked very well.
Bark. This is optional for the roof. I came across this on my walk and instantly thought "roof"! Otherwise provide more twigs for the roof.

I built the log cabin first so Henry could see what i was suggesting we did with the materials.
I then dismantled it and said, "see what you can do".
Henry needed a little guidance for the first 6 sticks, then i was no longer needed and the structure grew very quickly. With twigs rolling if not balanced correctly, and the slightest nudge destroying the structure this was a patience building as well as a logical thinking exercise.

Once built i asked Henry who may like to live in the small cabin. He came up with "Warehouse Mouse" from his favourite programme of the moment - Imagination Movers! We discussed what the mouse might do in the house - "eat cheese" and how he would get in and out....hmmm that's a tricky one as this rather crude log cabin has no door. Still suggestions of cutting a hole for the door and using different sized twigs were offered...very logical!

The whole exercise lasted maybe only 10 minutes, but Henry enjoyed it. We got rid of the twigs into the garden, and so will look for some of a different size and length again sometime, to repeat the process.

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