Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome to our Blog

Ok, here goes, i'm going to attempt to capture some of the fun stuff Henry & i do at home in our spare time together.

Henry, an active 4 year old does not like to sit still, hates to think he is doing something that may cause him to be "learning" and seems to have the attention span of a gold fish! He is a very hands on kind of person and would much rather sort beans into pots than circle things the same on a page in a book. Therefore i've deveoped activities towards his style of learning and we both enjoy it a lot more.

So.... all of the activities are highly rated by Henry! I'd like to think that they have all developed his skills in numerous areas as well, and he has probably done "learning" without even realising it.

Whilst i'd like to think i am fairly creative (and my husband will vouch for that with the amount of crafts materials overflowing from drawers in our office) i use numerous resources for my ideas. We love our local library and visit nearly every week, i have just subscribed to "Mailbox" a teachers ideas magazine, and i trail the internet endlessly looking for ideas and activities.

Henry & i both hope you enjoy looking at what we do and that you may like some of the ideas enough to give them a go yourselves.

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  1. My English is little, sorry...but your blog is perfect! Thanks for it! :)