Sunday, April 5, 2009

Growing seeds

Henry had farm week at pre school and ended up bringing a bean home for us to plant. It was carefully planted in soil and within a week it appeared. It now stands about 6" tall and he checks it every morning for progress.

We have also planted herbs
seeds in a mini greenhouse in the dining room and placed beans against kitchen roll inside a glass so we have watched the roots develop then the shoots...all in all great success.

Rolling with Henry's enthusiasm i came across a great jigsaw from "Judyinstructo" that i found in our library where you gradually piece together the process of seed through sunflower he loved it and we discussed it as we did it.

Our art project involved Henry cutting out the beans, discussing where we should draw the ground line, drawing the roots and other plant features as the plants developed. Then he told me what to write under each drawing. Now a prized piece of art on the fridge!

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