Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter cards

Being easter week, with the family so far away, we got creative with our easter cards. Its fair to say Henry was very proud of these cards he made. He was 100% involved and did everything except fold the cards.

Cutting the body & head of each of the chicks out. - I drew the shapes on light weight card.
We used oil pastels to colour the body parts - Henry loves using two different colours at a time.
Use of the glue bottle - just hand it over and clear up the mess afterwards!
Henry chose the colour of feathers he wanted then stuck them where he wanted. We also added googly eyes and a foam beak...all his choosing as to their location on the body!
Finally drawing on the legs - i showed him how i thought they should look and he was more than happy to try & do it that way.

The finished article ready to make its way through the postal system....lets just hope they don't quarantine easter chicks entering the UK!!!!!!

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