Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter egg treasure hunt

Henry has a love of treasure hunts, which Kevin devotes hours to preparing on demand. So this year, the easter bunny prepared a treasure hunt around the back garden to find the eggs.

We placed the first clue inside an egg in a basket on the back step, and the hunt began. Each time Henry found an egg it had to be opened to reveal the treat and the next clue.
Clues consisted of drawings of places in the garden where the eggs were hidden, with some words written on as well, which Henry was at least encouraged to think about!

According to Henry..."the bunny does the best treasure hunts"!

When we complete treasure hunts in the house we try to make some of the clue drawings a little less obvious (not difficult with my drawings) and write the description of the clue location, and encourage the sounding of at least the first letter to get Henry started on what the drawing may be.

As Henry's reading and sounding of letters develops we will move more to words and less pictures.

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