Thursday, April 9, 2009


When i think of sequencing i think of drawing shapes or colours in a row and getting Henry to try & tell me the next one. This however has a short life as it gets boring pretty quickly.

I get as hands on as possible, encouraging the use of words as well as the act of choosing the next item in sequence. The more Henry can actively touch the better. The following are a few fun ideas that i've done.

Pizza making - we made the pizza together and i took photos of each stage, which i have since printed out and get Henry to order on their own. But while we made the pizza i encouraged the words "next" and "then". I've done a little slide show of the pizza sequence.

Other ideas we have had fun with are:
* Making a sandwich - encouraging the description of what we are doing, but also encouraging Henry to actually work out what physically comes next (e.g. butter before the cheese).
* Getting dressed - lay out clothes and ask what comes first, last etc.
*Using coloured M&Ms for actual sequencing lines on the floor - every time he gets the sequence right he gets one to eat!
* Use socks of different colours to create sequences.
*Pieces of clothing layed out - figure out what comes next - sock, T shirt, sock......
*Playgough shapes - make the first 3 or 4 then get Henry to make the next out of the playdough.
*Favourite books or characters - we do this with Thomas books and Paddington and Dr Seuss. Simple is one after each other, but this can be made pretty tricky.

You can sequence with ANYTHING. Forget the drawings in a book, if you want an attention grabbing exercise that is developing so many areas of learning go physical and touchy feely!

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