Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day art project

The world in my hands........
I searched for Earth Day art projects for pre schoolers on the internet, and from the few ideas i found i created the following project.

You will need:
Blue paper
Paints to create green and brown
Pink paper
Paper to place the project on
A small photo of your child
Something to paint with - today we went green and used broccoli!!!!

First Henry traced around a baking tin circle to get the earth
shape, which he then cut out.

Next we mixed yellow & blue to create green paint, and the same plus orange to create brown paint - an ideal chance to discuss colour mixing.

We then used broccoli to paint with. Henry loved this idea and was well into it, discussing which countries he was creating - America, UK and New Zealand and who he knows that lives in each. We then let this part of the project dry.

I then traced around his hand, then let him cut them out. I wasn't sure if the hands would have 5 fingers left after he had attacked them with scissors, as this is by far the trickiest thing he has used scissors for. But he figured it out gradually and left both hands intact!

I then cut some pieces of paper for him to write each of the words on. "the world in my hands" and guided his letter formation.

I then took a picture of him and printed it out (at fairly low quality) on my home printer, then put the whole thing together. A great keepsake for the first "earth day" he and i have celebrated.

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