Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recycling sort out

With Earth Day about to occur, i figured now was a good time to introduce the idea of recycling to Henry. We recycle loads in a very easy no sort system, picked up every week where we live nr Chicago.

A put a good selection of recyclable stuff in our washing basket, placed pieces of paper on the floor labeled: Paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium and glass, then set about the sorting process.

First i asked Henry to try to identify which label is which from the first letter of the word. All good letter practice.

Next we started to take articles out of the basket and figure oat where they went. We used our senses lots. We felt the object for any idea of what it may be, we tapped it for the noise it made...i discouraged smelling however!

Gradually we placed the articles into groups. For the plastic items, i got Henry to turn each upside down to look for the recycle logo, and to tell me the number in the middle each time. This allowed us to discuss what this symbol meant.

I took pictures of the articles, which we will use to make a recycling book tomorow.

On the next recycling collection i will try and get us to watch the collection of our articles from their box and atke further pictures for the book, and discuss where Henry thinks the articles might go and what they may be made into.

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