Friday, April 24, 2009

Shearing a sheep!

Henry needed a hair cut, so yesterday we finally got around to it! Henry has also fallen in love with this book called "Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep - a yarn about wool", so i figured a way to link the two together for
a project.

I created cardboard cut outs of two sheep and explained that we were going to give one sheep wool, then give it a hair cut and then
give the other a woolly jumper (as per the story).

Henry got about cutting lengths of wool to attach to the sheep. Then we stuck them on. I made sure the lengths were plenty long enough, so that when we gave the sheep a hair cut there would be enough for the jumper!

We then left that sheep to dry.

It was then time to shear the sheep! Henry loved this bit and gave the sheep a real nice trim!

With all the wool we sheared from the sheep we then got to work dying the wool.

Henry chose purple, so we added a few drops of food colouring to some water and then dunked the wool in a small bowl to dye it. Once coloured we left it to dry for some time. We then came back to the project later.

In the mean time it was Henry's hair cut time.

We discussed that Henry was like the sheep and didn't need all his hair, and that the hair dresser used clippers, just like Farmer Brown!

Hair cut complete, it was now time to give the other sheep
its woolly jumper! So we stuck lots of bits of dyed wool all over the sheep. This time i let Henry stick the wool in whatever direction, and then we filled in the holes.

The end product - a sheep with a purple woolly jumper on!

We read the story again at bed time and discussed the project we had done. It's a great book, rhyming story & really colourful art work.

Farmer Brown Shears his sheep - a yarn about wool. By Teri Sloat. Published by Dorling Kindersly Inc.

Great illustrations in this book which gave me the idea for this project!

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