Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Letter and word recognition activity

Our theme this week is flowers. So i have tried to produce activities to tie to this theme.

To encourage Henry's interest in letters and word recognition further i created a simple activity, which he has enjoyed a couple of days this week so far.

I tend to to a lot of our activities on the floor, as Henry is more receptive to learning away from a table!

You will need:
Cut out shapes of flower heads in different colours, labeled with alphabet letters (at least 1 for each letter of the alphabet). For the purpose of learning mummy and daddy i added extra 2 extra Ms and Ds!
A sheet of paper with flower stems drawn on. I made ours big enough for 5 letters - so that Henry could start with his name each time.

We started with Henry's name. I laid out all the letters in his name randomly below the paper on which he would put the flowers together. I then suggested the letters would spell his name and suggested he made the flowers bloom. He loved this.

I then moved on to some simple words with strong sounds at the start and end: dog, cat, sat, mat, hot. Then we did mummy and daddy to finish.

A few words at a time we will build each time we do this activity. But Henry seems to find it "hands on" enough to not resist its learning potential!!!

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  1. Another great idea. I will be using this one too!