Friday, May 22, 2009

Chicago Botanic Garden - Trip out

My most favourite place to visit around Chicago is the the Botanic Garden. No matter what time of year you go, you a get an amazing and varied view of the garden.

As a learning experience, every trip to the garden is full of exploration, colours, playing in the water, spotting animals and birds and getting a lot of fresh air. We spend at least 2 hours each time and never see everything we want to...still i am always happy to promise a return visit.

This week, Henry and I took a friend and her two children with us. The boys had a great time running around and getting soaked in the water.

Henry was captivated by the water falls that part as you place your hand into them. They are really cool and create a lot of opportunities for seeing what kind of shapes you can create with different body parts! Hands, feet, whole arms, and once he even stuck his head in!

The great thing about this garden is the signage and information. In the sensory garden we found Lambs ears, which the kids loved touching. The youngest in our trip exclaimed that the plant felt just like her favorite soft toy.

On our way round the garden we spotted huge fish, tiny tadpoles, lots of robins, and even dragon flies.

An absolutely fantastic trip. Somewhere I can highly recommend.

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