Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you cards

With the end of Henry's first year at school almost upon us, there was a flurry of activity in the last week making cards for friends and teachers.
Despite Henry's insistence at school that art is not for him...he can be very creative when he puts his mind to it.

Early planning and preparation ensured that Henry's teachers cards were created with enthusiasm and no nagging on my part! I suggested he should draw two different flowers and left the rest to him.

He very carefully drew flowers with petals, stems and leaves. Prepared on water colour paper he then got to work painting his masterpieces - each one a complete Henry original.

With the end of school, Henry also prepared good bye cards for his friends.

I wrote each individuals name in oil pastel (white), then suggested he used water colours to find which invisible name of his school friends was written on the card .

We used colour mixing; red and yellow, blue and yellow, and red and blue. And he was intrigued by the way the colours mixed on the card.

13 Henry original note cards...I'm going to use this idea for thank you cards in the future, as i was surprised how great they came out.

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