Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Valley Nature Centre - Field trip

With my moms group, we take educational trips to Spring Valley Nature Centre each year - it is a fantastic location offering great programmes for all ages of kids.

For our group this time, the theme was "spring has sprung".

After watching a puppet show about fledglings, we ventured out to the greenhouse to plant sunflower seeds, and explore what it was that was going to make them grow.

On outside we went nest spotting in the entrance to the centre.

Out in the woodland the kids went on a great exploration. First they explored the bugs found under an old tree trunk.

Next they were given a small piece of card with 4 different textures on; rough, smooth, soft and hard. They then went touching leaves, bark, and dirt exploring what each thing felt. They were all totally into this, and its something I'd like to reproduce at home sometime.

Bugs often see different colours to our eyes, so with coloured paddles each of the kids viewed the world from a different colour perspective.

After our class we went for a walk to the working farm museum, where we saw a cow being milked, and the horse powering the corn grinder. Henry tried his hand at talking to the geese, then decided it was far more fun to try being a sheep dog herding the ducks!!!

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