Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunflower measuring

Ok, so in May there are no sunflowers to we embraced the whole spring thing, and made our own! You could make any flowers, but i found a template for sunflowers so i went with that one.

This activity is great for developing the concept of measuring, and counting above 20.

You will need:
4 - 8 flower heads - whatever shape or size.
Some green paper cut into strips for stalks
A measuring device - for fun we used a ladybug measure rather than numbers
Small pieces of paper and pens to record the measurements
Some tacky stuff to fix it all to a wall.

I started by sticking 6 flowers to the wall at different heights, then adding their stalks. I then encouraged Henry to measure their heights. He needed my help for the taller ones to hold the measure as he counted, but otherwise he figured out how to hold the tape and count at the same time!

I let him decide which order to measure the flowers. We measured in ladybugs then recorded the number on a piece of paper which we stuck next to the flower head. He wrote the numbers as best he could - all good practice.

After the first three we both started to estimate how many lady bugs tall the other flowers would be. Henry was amazingly accurate and didn't give me wild answers!

With all the flowers measured we then set about measuring each other for a bit of fun. I'd deliberately made the measure tape way longer than we needed. Henry had to stand on a chair to get my height which he though was very funny.

This is a reusable activity, so take everything off the wall and keep safe, then the next time set the flowers at different heights and start all over again!

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