Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taking the train to the City

We have lived in the USA for over 2 years now, and this weekend was the first time Henry and i have ever taken the train into the city. With our departure back to the UK now in the near future, this was one of the "must do's" before we leave.

With Kevin's sister and cousin in town, a trip to the city was the ideal opportunity to take the train...surely four adults and 1 Henry could manage the trip!
Henry found the arrival of the train rather noisy!

We took the trip from our local station on the Metra. Only a 45 minute ride, we sat on the top floor and took in the views. Racing the cars and even a fire truck. Seeing who could spot the city first and laughing at all the cars stuck on the freeway in a jam.

Henry enjoyed the trip a lot, although did utter "are we there yet" a number of times on the way there, and counted down the stations on the way back. He repeated every station arrival announcement as well.

Once in the city we checked out the memorial day parade.

Spent some time in Millennium park and down at the yacht club enjoying the great weather.

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