Monday, May 4, 2009

Jim Gill Concert

This week seems to be a very cultural one!

This evening we went to a Jim Gill concert held at our local library. For those of you not familiar with his music...he is great! Henry loves all his songs, knows most of the words and loves the actions that go with them.

The sneezing song is a lot of fun, as is the silly dance contest! With out even realising it, Henry is listening to instructions and following them! He is moving and clapping in time to a beat and is singing along and learning words....good thing he thinks it is so much fun!

One of Jim's books May there always be sunshine, was the idea behind one of the projects that Henry has done at pre school. The book asks you to think about what you would always like there to be, and then sing it. Traditional words from the song include "may there always be sunshine, may there always be good times"...whilst the ideas kids add range from ice cream, to dinosaurs thru cake and birthdays...anything goes!

Jim introduced us to his new book and CD "A Soup Opera" tonight. A story all about a man who orders soup in a restaurant then calls for the waiter, police, mayor, president...singing "i can't eat this soup" will have to read the book to find out why!

I highly recommend his music. Check out his website for details on his books and music.

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