Friday, May 1, 2009

Tot School

Tot SchoolOk, so i'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing, but i found this great website on home schooling ideas, which runs something called "tot school". The whole idea of blogging  my activities with Henry was to inspire others and share the type of ideas i am always looking for, so love the fact that this site shares so many ideas i can use with Henry.

Each week i will produce a run down of our week's activities, all of which are covered in greater detail in my blog.

So here goes!

This week we planted sunflowers and documented the process to complete challenge #16 with 

We also took a nature walk around our neighbourhood to spot and photograph all the flowers we could see. Henry loves using my digital SLR..although its a little big for him at present. I got the photos developed and we are now working through them and doing a piece of art and a few lines about each flower to put in our nature journal.

We had a great trip to the aquarium in Chicago this week. I love getting out and about, and Chicago has so many great places to see and do.

We started to develop our recognition of letters and words with a simple activity. Placing flower shapes with letters on at the top of stems to create words. We started with Henry's name then moved onto words with strong letter sounds.

We also did a fun measuring activity. I stuck pictures of sunflowers to the wall at different heights and Henry measured each in number of ladybugs (on the tape). We concluded by measuring each other.

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