Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our indoor garden!!!

We have been very enthusiastic with planting things just recently. So much so we can hardly see the kitchen table for greenery! Every time Henry finds a seed he wants to plant it!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to keep you updated with the growth of our plants...so here goes.

The sunflowers that we planted only last Wednesday, have now popped through the soil today. It appears that we have about 90% germination rate on the home planted seeds.

Henry also planted 3 sunflower seeds at school on the same day and they all appeared today as well...breakfast was exciting as we checked on seed progress!

The beans we planted weeks ago are still healthy and climbing up their little sticks. One may even have flowers developing????

Our cress heads are almost all done now, with just one surviving, they have grown for a whole couple of weeks before we forgot to water the others! This picture was taken a few days ago whilst they were all well alive.

We planted a kit of grow your own sensitive plants a couple of weeks ago. And despite being tipped on the table just after they emerged by an over enthusiastic Henry...we have 50% germination rate. Not bad for a kit costing a whole $1 from Target! They are just starting to develop their second set of leaves.

I planted an avocado seed in water a couple of weeks ago, though i'm not sure if anything is happening! Info i've found suggests maybe a 3-4wk germination on this one, so we shall give it another week and then try again if nothing appears.

Not forgetting the oregano, basil and rosemary on the floor of the dining room and the lettuces which are just about rabbit ready!

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