Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A nature reserve field trip

With one of our moms groups we headed out to enjoy the warm and dry weather today. Around our area there are some fantastic nature reserves with educational centres attached.

With a group of around seven kids we ventured out around the reserve on a nature walk. Henry spent most of the walk around running, and playing with sticks with a new friend he met.

When we spotted something worthy of notice, we called the kids over to have a look with a quick discussion.

Today we found some animal tracks which we asked for ideas on what they could be. Lots of very sensible answers. I checked them out, and based on this identification leaflet I think we found raccoon and deer tracks.

There are are also a lot of seed pods still about, and we found some milk weed seed pods, which the kids enjoyed dispersing through the reserve! With much exploration of the undergrowth, various other seeds got stuck to clothes, which gave us the ideal opportunity to discuss how sticky seeds moved and dispersed.

The reserve had large areas of grassland, some woodland and water areas. all of which we explored during the couple of hours we were out. With company for Henry and myself, this was a fun but educational walk experiencing nature.

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